Welcome to Atlanta

We are excited to have you with or join the DoorDash team in Atlanta. This page is your go-to resource for all things Dasher related in Atlanta.

For New Dashers

We are accepting dasher sign ups for the following modes of transportation: car and scooter   Sign Up Here!

Office Location and Hours

Address: 572 Edgewood Ave, NE Suite 121, Atlanta GA, 30312
View our office on Google Maps here! https://goo.gl/4pqvs0
Office location is on Randolph Street NE, next to the Dynamic Metals Lofts
Parking Information: Free street parking on Randolph St in front of office. If there are no spots open, there is free street parking available on Auburn Ave.

Orientations are held only at the following times: Monday-Friday 10:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Orientations only take 15 minutes.
Anyone arriving 10 minutes after the start time will not be oriented.
Saturday Orientations are offered at 10:00am and Noon. Please select a time and date here. https://goo.gl/NCbxZe.

For Existing Dashers

Office Information

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm. Saturday 10am - Noon. Sunday - CLOSED.
Support: www.doordash.com/help

Good Friday Hours: 10am - 2pm

Dasher Pay

Regular DoorDash orders:

We’re excited to expand the test of an updated pay model to Dashers in the coming weeks. The new approach is designed to make delivery pay more fair, more transparent, and more consistent. As we roll this new model out, the current pay model will still be in effect for many Dashers ($5 per delivery + 100% of customer tips). Check your email or the FAQ for more info.

DoorDash Drive orders:

$5 per delivery and 100% of tip paid by the customer*

*DoorDash Drive orders are traditionally larger and may require more time to complete (find out more details on DoorDash Drive here). Because of this, each DoorDash Drive order will have a guaranteed minimum earning based on the order value. If the $5 + tip are less than the guaranteed minimum earning, DoorDash will pay extra to make up the difference. Here are two examples:

  • Ex 1: $15 guaranteed minimum earning on an order. I am given a $20 tip; DoorDash still pays the $5 per delivery rate. I make $25 on this order.
  • Ex 2: $20 guaranteed minimum earning on an order. I am given no tip; DoorDash pays the $5 per delivery rate, plus an additional $15 shown as “Extra pay.” I make $20 on this order.

DoorDash Drive guaranteed minimum earning:

  • $10 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery under $150 estimated value
  • $15 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery between $150 and $300 estimated value
  • $20 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery between $300 and $500 estimated value
  • $25 guaranteed minimum earning per delivery over $500 estimated value

DoorDash Drive receipts:

At select Drive merchants, Dashers will be able to collect a paper receipt at pickup, get that receipt signed by the customer and submit a photo of the signed receipt at drop off. If a customer adds a tip when signing the receipt, that tip will be added to your pay.  Pro Tip: most restaurants have No Tip Solicitation Policy for catering orders. They do not want drivers to ask for a tip when the receipt is being signed. Pro Tip: some customers submit their tip when they place the order. When that happens, your tip will already be in your app. All receipts and tips will be reviewed by DoorDash and the merchant. Any fraudulent tip activity will result in immediate deactivation and legal action.


For more information on DoorDash Drive, please see this page.

New Starting Points

We launched new Starting points in Norcross and Suwanee in May. Begin signing up for Dashes in these areas now!

Atlanta Starting Points as of May 10th, 2017

Atlanta Starting Points as of May 10th, 2017

*Must have 75% Acceptance Rate with at least one delivery.

**Hourly guarantee is paid if a Dasher doesn't earn $10 in an hour. Ex: Dasher takes one delivery, earns $6.00 for delivery, and makes $2.50 on tip. The difference of $1.50 will be added to Dasher payment to make it $10.00. 

Dasher Deactivations Policy

Please see the Deactivation Policy here for more information. Dashers who fall below the listed thresholds may be subject to deactivation.

Minimum Rating: 4.4

Minimum Completion Rate: 90%