We know people have busy lives and we want to run our orientations as efficiently as possible. To help us do that, we strongly advise that prospective Dashers not bring children or others who may be a distraction so that we complete orientation on time.

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. Traffic is very bad by the office, so plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before your orientation time. If you arrive late and the doors are locked, you will not be let in.

Orientations are by appointment only.

Please bring a photo ID to complete your background check and credit/debit card if you wish to purchase supplies.

Parking Instructions

When on N. Himes Ave take a right into Tampa Bay Park, then take your first left to building 4511. Park in the large parking lot you drive into. Go into building 4511 and go up the staircase on your left. At the top of the stairs take a left and continue straight to Suite 200, the Regus office. At the front desk ask for DoorDash.

4511 North Himes Avenue Suite #200, Tampa, FL 33614