Do not share your password or security code under any circumstances.

No one from DoorDash will ever request your password or security code, nor will anyone from DoorDash ever give you a specific password you should use. If you receive a request for your password, security code, or other account details do not share this information -- even if the request appears to come from Support, or the person knows specific details about your order. To maintain the security of your account, it is critical that you keep your password confidential at all times.

Giving out your password lets scammers change your bank account information and steal your earnings by sending them to another bank account - one that they control, not you. You can prevent these scams and keep your earnings secure by keeping your password confidential at all times.

Again, do not share your DoorDash account password or security code under any circumstance.

Nunca comparta su contraseña de DoorDash.


What are signs the request for information is a scam?

Be alert for these warning signs - and keep your password secure!

  1. While on a small order, the customer calls you to cancel. Then, you receive a call from someone claiming to be “Support” requesting your password in order to remove the order. Hang up - and chat into Support from your app instead! This is a scam!

  2. You’re offered a bonus through a text, but need to share your password to receive the bonus. DoorDash will never need your password to pay you! Do not give it out. This is a scam!

  3. Someone claiming to be “Support” - but who called or texted you - needs your password urgently to allow you to continue dashing. Stop. Hang up. This is a scam!

  4. Someone calls you and says they are “DoorDash Support,” but then gives you password you need to update yours to, so that they may access your account and help you. DoorDash Support will never need your password to help you. This is a scam!

  5. Someone claiming to be DoorDash Support tells you there are technical difficulties with payments, and you need to put a specific temporary account number in in order to receive your earnings. Support will never dictate the account you need to use. This is a scam!

If you encounter one of these scenarios - or another like it - hang up or stop texting immediately. If you need to be in touch with DoorDash Support during one of these cases, contact them directly. If you’re on a dash, use the ? or HELP button, otherwise contact the Support team through the webform at


If you have shared your password:

  • Change your password immediately.
  • Go to your EARNINGS tab. Check the bank account is your own. If it is not, update it immediately.
  • If you have Fast Pay, confirm the details of the Fast Pay debit card are your own. If they are not, change them immediately.
  • For all other concerns, please contact Support at

Remember: Do not share your DoorDash account password under any circumstances.

Nunca comparta su contraseña de DoorDash.


Password Best Practices

  • A unique password should contain a combination of words, numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not use your login name as your password. Do not use generic words such as "password" "doordash" or "user”.
  • Do not choose your birthdate or social security number.
  • Do not use adjacent keyboard combinations, such as “asdfg”
  • Do not use the same password you use to access your email. If you use the same password, and you share your DoorDash password, you are giving scammers access to your email as well. Do not share your passwords!