What is Early Access?

Dashers who are in the Early Access program will be able to view schedules and sign up to dash up to 6 days ahead of time. These Dashers will be able to access the schedule a day earlier than the rest of the Dasher community, who only see the schedule up to 5 days ahead of time.  Early Access Dashers get first pick of when and where they dash.

How can you get Early Access?

Your customer ratings are high

  • Your rating for your most recent 100 deliveries is above 4.5

You dash often

  • You've completed at least 25 deliveries during the previous Wednesday through Tuesday*

*Previous Wednesday through Tuesday includes dashes and deliveries between Wednesday 12:00am local time and Tuesday 11:59pm local time.

How does it work?

Eligibility for Early Access is determined on a weekly basis so make sure you keep your rating and activity up!

How does scheduling a dash work now?

Scheduling a dash works the same as usual. If you qualify for a week of Early Access, you’ll be able to see 6 days ahead every single day for that week and find slots before others!

How do I qualify if there are no spots available in my favorite area?

To meet the minimum delivery requirements and qualify for early access (so you get first pick of when and where you dash) try dashing in a new area that does have spots available.  Also, remember that there are frequently spots available to "Dash Now" during peak lunch and dinner hours so you can get all of your deliveries in.