Conditions of Use

DoorDash Drive orders are typically larger, catering deliveries. Because of this, the most successful Dashers are able to perform Drive deliveries on-time and professionally, providing a great experience for both the merchant and the customer.  Occasionally a Dasher engages in activity that harms the DoorDash platform, which could lead to the Dasher being disqualified from the Drive program or being deactivated from DoorDash (see more on our Deactivation Policy here).  

We want to be clear, upfront, and transparent about the reasons an account may be disqualified or deactivated and what Dashers can do about it.  Below are the minimum requirements to qualify for the Drive program.  If you have additional questions about DoorDash or DoorDash Drive, please contact

ARRIVING ON TIME: With Drive, merchants submit orders for Dashers to deliver.  If a Dasher so chooses, a Dashers is able to "claim" an order in advance through the Dasher App. When a Dasher claims an order, the merchant-requested pickup time will be listed.

  • To remain qualified for Drive, Drive Dashers must maintain a 90% on-time pickup rate.  On-time is defined by arriving to pickup at or before the requested pickup time.

YOUR DRIVE RATING: Merchants rate their experience with the Dasher after each delivery on a 3 point scale.

  • To remain qualified for Drive, Drive Dashers must maintain a 2.8 merchant rating or above.

COMPLETING CLAIMED ORDERS: Drive Dashers claim Drive deliveries in advance. If orders are claimed and then unassigned within 2 hours of the pickup time, it leads to a poor experience for the merchant and customer.

  • To remain qualified for Drive, Dashers must maintain a 90% Completion Rate on orders they claim in advance. We recognize that conflicts may arise so claimed orders that are unassigned greater than 2 hours before the requested pickup time will not count towards a Dasher's Completion Rate.