Automatic Mileage & Expense Tracker

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One of the best parts about being an independent contractor is that you can “deduct” your business expenses when you do your taxes - which means you pay less in taxes and keep more of your money. As a Dasher, you pay for your phone, your data plan, your ride, and other business expenses. In return, your taxes should we lowered accordingly. That’s what “deducting” business expense means. It’s your right!

DoorDash has partnered with Everlance to make tracking your business expenses (and your income!) easy and save you big at tax time.

How can Everlance help Dashers?

If you use a car as a Dasher, every 1,000 miles you drive for work is worth over $500 on your taxes. Pretty sweet, right? To get that deduction, you need to keep a mileage log. Here’s the good news: the Everlance app does it for you.

Everlance automatically records your mileage, so all you need to do is swipe trips right or left to mark them as work or personal.

If you don’t use a car to Dash, you can track other business expenses with the app, such as your cell phone bill, your health insurance, your hot bags, and more.

Everlance can save you time and money, as well as peace of mind - the app backs up all your data to the cloud, so that you don’t have to keep any paper receipts.

Special Deal for Dashers

While Everlance is available for free (both for iOS or Android), the Premium version has tons of great features like unlimited trip tracking, automatic labeling, and bank/card integration. As a Dasher, you can upgrade to Premium for just $1 for 1 year (a $96 value) by signing up here.

Getting started with Everlance for Dashers

  1. Sign up here

  2. Go to “Premium”, select “Annual.” You will see the price will drop to $1

  3. Enter your payment info

  4. Start using the app! (download links: iOS or Android)


What is Everlance and why should I use it?

Everlance is an app that automatically tracks your mileage, expenses, and income and is designed to help independent contractors maximize their tax deductions (which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money).

Why should I track my expenses as a Dasher?

Simple answer - to save money! As an independent contractor, you can “deduct” business expenses from your taxes. Deducting those expenses reduces how much you pay in taxes and increases how much money you get keep to keep.

As a Dasher, you can deduct things like your phone, your data plan, your ride, your health insurance, your hot bags, and more. The more you deduct, the more money you get to keep.

Tracking your expenses means you maximize your deductions and you protect yourself in case of an audit. Doing it the old school way is annoying (e.g. shoebox of receipts). Doing it with Evelance is easy.

I've heard that DoorDash Dashers can get a special rate for Everlance Premium - what is it?

Everlance is a free tool, but if you'd like to get the Premium version which has additional productivity and cost saving features you can get a 6 month subscription for $1 as a Dasher. See “Getting started with Everlance for Dashers” at the top of this page.