Automatic Mileage & Expense Tracker

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As a Dasher, you are an independent contractor.
This means you can pay significantly less in taxes by deducting your business mileage and expenses.

 Everlance makes tracking your mileage and expenses as easy as possible.
Sign up through this Dasher-exclusive link and get 3 months of Everlance Premium free!

How can Everlance help me?

 Everlance helps you track your business mileage and expenses, so you can maximize your tax deductions and pay less in taxes. As an independent contractor, the more business expenses you claim, the less you’ll pay in taxes.

 With Everlance, tracking expenses is completely automatic and IRS compliant. You’ll never need to keep a paper mileage log or keep track of old receipts. All you have to do is swipe a trip or transaction as “Work” or “Personal” (or create rules to auto-classify).

 The Everlance app is so easy to use that it’s been named a “Best New App” by both Apple and Google.

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Special deal for Dashers

Sign up through this Dasher-exclusive link and get 3 months of Everlance Premium free!

How do I get the deal?

  1. Go to this Dasher-exclusive link and tap “Get Everlance"

  2. Sign up / Log in

  3. Tap “DoorDash" or “Premium/Upgrade”

  4. The price should be $0 (if it’s not, try starting again)

  5. Enter your payment info (you won’t be charged for the first 3 months)

After 3 months, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Everlance’s monthly plan for $8/month. You can cancel or switch to Everlance’s 100% free plan anytime by tapping "Manage plan" (Android) or "Manage your account" (iPhone).

FAQs: Brought to you by Everlance

Only a tax professional can offer you tax advice. Read on for FAQs, answered by the Everlance team.

What is Everlance and why should I use it?

Everlance is an app that automatically tracks your business mileage and expenses, and is designed to help independent contractors maximize their tax deductions (which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money).

Why should I track my expenses as a Dasher?

Simple answer - to save money! As an independent worker, you need to pay taxes on the money your independent income after expenses, which means you can “deduct” business expenses from your taxes. Deducting those expenses reduces how much you pay in taxes and increases how much money you get keep to keep. 

What business expenses can I deduct as Dasher?

If you use a car to dash, that’s probably your biggest business expense: every 100 miles is worth over $54 on your taxes! Even if you don’t use a car for deliveries on the DoorDash platform, there are many other business expenses you can deduct: your phone, your data plan, your ride, your health insurance, your hot bags, and many more. The more you deduct, the more money you keep.

What else can Everlance help with? 

As an app that specializes in helping people track mileage and expenses for taxes, Everlance has lots of easy-to-understand, educational resources on taxes, from understanding taxes for independent contractors, to discovering business deductions, to deciphering your 1099 tax form.

How can I get help with Everlance?

Check out Everlance’s Help Center or contact Everlance’s awesome Support Team at