Guaranteed Minimums


What are Guaranteed Minimums?

DoorDash occasionally guarantees that the amount you make in per delivery fees and tips will exceed a certain amount per hour.  If your traditional earnings do not exceed that guarantee, DoorDash will pay you the difference, provided you meet all requirements for the promotion.   

Who are Guaranteed Minimums for?

Only Dashers who receive the qualifying texts, emails, or in-app notifications are eligible for Guaranteed Minimums.

When are Guaranteed Minimums offered?

Guaranteed Minimums are typically offered during peak lunch (11am to 2pm) and peak dinner (5pm to 9pm). However, days and times when Guaranteed Minimums are offered vary.  Check for text messages and/or emails from DoorDash for the most up to date promotions.

How do I qualify for Guaranteed Minimums?

  • Sign up to Dash during the dates, times, and areas offered in your text message.

  • Drop off the specified minimum # of deliveries while minimums are in effect.

  • Average at least 1.3 deliveries per hour while minimums are in effect.

  • Accept at least 90% of orders.

If you fulfill all the above requirements and make LESS than the minimum amount per hour in delivery pay and tips, the difference in extra pay will show in your app as "Extras" at the end of your Dash.

Why Didn’t I Qualify for Guaranteed Minimums?

  • You earned more than the guaranteed amount. Remember, Guaranteed Minimums are a MINIMUM. If you earned more than the guaranteed amount in delivery fees and tips, you do not qualify for smart minimums.

  • You did not meet the requirements based on the communication you received on how to qualify for the Guaranteed Minimums in your Local Market.

  • Below are a few examples of why you may not have met the most common requirements:

    • You accepted fewer than the minimum percentage of orders required. If the minimum percentage is 90% and you are sent 5 orders and you only accept 4 orders, that is not 90%. (4 out of 5 is only 80%). To be safe, consider accepting 100% of orders during Guaranteed Minimum time periods.

    • You completed fewer than the minimum number of deliveries required. If the minimum number of deliveries required is 4 and you only completed 3 during the time when minimums are offered, you do not qualify.

    • You completed fewer than the average number of deliveries per hour required. If the average number of required deliveries per hour is 1.3 and you complete 3 deliveries in 3 hours, your average is only 1 and you do not qualify.

Other requirements to qualify may apply. Please refer to your qualifying text / email / in-app notifications for details. 

Security reminder: No one from DoorDash will ever request your password, nor will anyone from DoorDash ever give you a specific password you ought to use. If you receive a request for your password information, do not share it. To maintain the security of your account, it is critical that you keep your password confidential at all times.