Walmart Grocery Delivery

We're launching Walmart delivery in select markets. Received a sign-up message, or a Walmart order on your app while on a Dash? Find out everything you need to know about a successful delivery below.

How does it work?

1. Accepting - Walmart delivery opportunities show up just like regular deliveries, and you may receive one of these orders while on a Dash.

2. Picking up - Once you arrive at the store, follow the orange "Grocery Order Pickup” signs to park in any reserved spot and "Slide after arrival".
DoorDash Grocery Sign
A Walmart associate will meet you in the parking area, confirm that the order and customer match what you have on your app, load the car for you, and provide Walmart’s thank you card for their customer. If a Walmart associate is not present within 5 minutes, call the number on the parking sign to inform the store of your arrival. Note that Walmart reserves the right to request another Dasher to complete their delivery if they deem that you arrived unprepared to deliver their order to their customer safely or securely. This includes cargo space which contains pets and/or pet hair, garbage/debris, other consumer goods, or a strong smoke smell.


3. Delivering - The customer is expecting their delivery from Walmart, and they may not be familiar with DoorDash.  If you need to communicate with the customer, please let them know that this delivery is coming from Walmart.

4. Dropping Off - Walmart requests that Dashers carry all items to the customers’ doorstep and hand them Walmart’s thank you card separately, rather than simply leaving the card inside a bag. For your own safety, do not cross the threshold of the customer’s front door. All Walmart deliveries will require the customer's signature - leaving groceries unattended could result in Walmart preventing you from receiving future opportunities with them. You'll see a prompt for this in the app with instructions for processing the signature. Note that Walmart neither requires nor expects customer tipping for its deliveries, but it is OK to accept cash tips if offered. Once you're finished, “Slide after delivery” in the app like normal.

5. Returns - If the customer is not available at home or by phone, please tap "Customer Unavailable" in the app, and once the timer expires, a new paid delivery will be created for you to return all items back to the Walmart store. Upon arrival, contact store associates to retrieve the items by using the phone number on the pickup sign or return to the customer service desk inside.

6. Future Walmart delivery opportunities - Please note that Walmart can choose to select you to either receive more of their future delivery opportunities, or to receive none of their future delivery opportunities, depending on their satisfaction with your completion of their order. Walmart receives feedback on specific customers’ experiences through post-delivery surveys.