Step 1:  The Schedule Page


The Schedule page is where you can see all available Dashes! You can pick the day you want to view from the top bar. 

Step 2: Pick a Time

Step 2.gif

Once you see a Dash you like, just tap on it and it will open up a new pop up window!

Step 3: Changing Start or End Time

Step 3.gif

Don't like the exact times listed? No problem! You can change them by tapping the start or end time. Just remember: You can make a Dash shorter, not longer.

Step 4: Signing Up for the Dash!

Step 4.gif

ο»ΏAfter you've selected a Dash, and adjusted the times if you wanted, just tap "Sign Up" or "Create".

Step 5: You're Done!

Step 5.jpg

Congratulations! You're signed up. And you can see all your upcoming Dashes at the bottom of your start page. 

Happy Dashing!

Rather watch a video?

Check out How to Schedule a Dash!

Learn about "DASH NOW" here if you'd prefer to dash without planning in advance.