What is the new Dasher Pay Model?

With this beta test, the Accept Order screen will now show you the exact amount of money you will make for completing each delivery. This amount includes both customer tip and delivery pay from DoorDash and is calculated based on a variety of factors including distance, size of the order, Dasher place orders, restaurants with long prep times, and more.

With this new model, we hope to make delivery pay more transparent than ever: you'll know exactly how much money you'll receive for completing a delivery before you accept it. Delivery earnings are now also tied to estimated effort. We've long heard that Dashers don't feel it's worthwhile to deliver from restaurants that are farther away or that are more complex to navigate: now these deliveries should earn you more money. Finally, you're in control of how much you make. As always, you get to choose which deliveries you complete. But now you'll know exactly how much you'll make for that delivery, so you can better choose which ones you want to do. That means more opportunities to make more money.

Why are you doing this?

We’ve heard from you, that Dashers do not accept deliveries for a number of reasons: they are either too far, too small, have difficult parking, or are otherwise difficult to complete. In order to provide an exceptional delivery experience for both you and the customer, we want to move toward a model that pays based on estimated effort for each delivery.

By paying based on estimated effort, we hope that more Dashers will accept more orders, which means Dashers will be able to complete more deliveries and customers will get their food faster.

Will the amount of money I make change with this new model?

Because delivery pay is now tied to estimated effort, more complex deliveries such as longer distance deliveries and Dasher Place orders will now earn you more money. As a result, on average more Dashers should make more money with this new approach.

Will I still get tips?

Yes, 100% of tips from the consumer still go to you.

How is the pay for each delivery decided?

The total amount you'll receive for each delivery is calculated based on a variety of factors including distance, size of the order, Dasher place orders, restaurants with long prep times, and more.

How will the system work with guaranteed pay and incentives?

The new test will work with existing guaranteed pay incentives.  If we guarantee an hourly amount, we’ll pay the extra amount between how much you made from deliveries and how much we guaranteed. If we guaranteed an extra dollar amount per delivery, you’ll get that dollar amount in addition to the guaranteed amount from the screen. Any busy pay is also added on top of the guaranteed amount.

I’m not seeing the guaranteed amount before accepting a delivery. How can I get this new pay model?

To ensure a smooth rollout, we are rolling to smaller and increasing percentages of Dashers throughout next week.

I don’t like the new pay model. What can I do?

If you have any feedback, please submit your feedback to dasher@doordash.com, include "Phoenix Pay Model Test" in the subject line, and we’ll get back to you when we can. If you’d like to be removed from the test, please enter your information on this form and we’ll remove you within the next 48 hours.