How Ratings Work

All ratings are based on your last 100 delivery opportunities.

As you Dash, ratings from previous deliveries are replaced by ratings from more recent deliveries, making it easier for you to improve your metrics over time and become eligible for new programs and incentives.

Types of Ratings

Customer Rating

Customer Rating is an average of the most recent 100 customer ratings you received. This number is an average of the ratings your customers give you, based on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. If a customer doesn’t rate a delivery, it doesn’t impact your Customer Rating positively or negatively.

5.00             = Perfect! 
4.70 – 4.99  = High
4.30 – 4.69  = Medium 
4.20 – 4.29  = Low
< 4.20           = Very Low

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate is the percent of deliveries you accepted out of the last 100 delivery opportunities. Consistently accept delivery opportunities to raise your Acceptance Rate.


100%         = Perfect!
80 – 99%  = High
50 – 79%  = Medium
25 – 49%  = Low
< 25%        = Very Low

Completion Rate

Your completion rate is calculated as the number of deliveries you have completed out of the number of deliveries you have accepted (after 100 accepted deliveries, we will only look at your most recent 100 accepted deliveries). If an order is cancelled by the customer or merchant, it counts as a completed delivery for you.

When you don’t complete a delivery, we understand it’s not always your fault. Things happen -- your car dies or you have a family emergency.  That’s why your area has lowered the minimum completion rate that you need to maintain in order to keep your account on the platform.

(Last updated: 7/17/17)

100%         = Perfect!
90 – 99%  = High
80 – 89%  = Medium
70 – 79%   = Low
< 70%        = Very Low